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RS485 Remote energy meter
Author:shandong Jinquan Meter Co., LtdTime:2018/6/28 16:47:45
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RS485 remote control type
I. Product Overview:
       RS485 type single three-phase electronic prepayment meter uses microelectronics technology to measure electric energy, and the product complies with GB/T17215. 321-2008 "Level 1 and Level 2 Static AC Active Energy Meter" and GB/T18460.3-2001 "Prepayment "Fee meter" standard. The meter has a 485 network meter reading function, network control power off and on, convenient property management departments to real-time control of the user's electricity situation, convenient monthly electricity consumption statistics. The power sales management system is rigorously designed, easy to use, and can control the user's power at any time without going to the scene, thus winning the favor of the power management department.
2、 the functional characteristics:
◆ can achieve mobile payment and WeChat payment and other functions.
◆ The company can customize the 485 network meter to connect with the energy management platform to make management easier.
◆ Liquid crystal display, clear and intuitive display.
◆ Using encryption card and DES dynamic encryption algorithm, system data is safe and reliable.
◆Using high-power magnetic holding relay, strong overload ability, sensitive and reliable action.
◆ write back after the card parameters meter function, design rigorous, will not cause power disputes.
◆ High precision, stable performance, low power consumption, anti-electricity, no need to adjust for long-term use.
◆ Controlling the power-off function: Through the 485 network, the property management department can control the user's electricity meter to switch on or off without leaving the house.
◆ Power failure alarm function: When the remaining power reaches the set alarm value, the power meter will automatically power off to remind users to purchase power in time.
◆ Network meter reading function: With RS485 interface, you can copy the electricity situation of each table at any time, to facilitate the management department to calculate the monthly electricity consumption.
◆ Load control function: When the load exceeds the set value, the meter automatically power off, and the meter automatically restores power supply about 5 minutes after the load is reduced.
◆ Network control and IC card sales can be provided at the same time.
◆ SMS power purchase reminding function: When the remaining power in the user's electricity meter reaches a certain value (which can be set by software), the power selling system can send a text message to the user through the SMS cat to remind the user that the remaining power in the power meter is not enough. Timely purchase of electricity.
The network changes the price function: When the electricity price changes, the new price information can be transmitted to the electricity meter through the 485 network.
3、 the technical indicators:
Interface: 1 channel RS485; 1 IC card interface
IC card model:
Protocol agreement standards:
Copy the accumulated power, remaining power, and power data.
Remote pull closing;
4、 RS485 technical plan:
GPRS wireless module:
       RS232/RS485 to GPRS bidirectional transparent transmission; support transparent transmission of data; no need for hardware and AT command development; can be used after inserting SIM card setting parameters; Keep-alive mechanism against dropped calls; industrial design, stable and reliable quality; support All configuration software. 7~30V wide range voltage; all data will be uploaded to the Jinquan cloud platform, better use of cloud data, to facilitate the future of campus network card and information management.
5、Communication and transmission of products
       RS485 remote control meter communication line adopts two-core shielded twisted pair RVVP-2*1.0. The communication line needs to fully weaken the bridge frame. Where there is no weak bridge, it needs to wear a metal tube. It cannot be laid in parallel with strong electricity.
       Each device on the bus needs to use a hand-in-hand link. The connector can not be placed in the bridge, and the communication cable connector can be left in the distribution box to facilitate the on-site service personnel to detect the line. When the debugging, the concentrator needs to be added according to the site anti-jamming needs. And repeaters. The RS485 remote control meter collects the meter data through the RS485/RS232 converter and uploads the software database. If the control room is more than 1000 meters away from the meter, a centralized distributor must be added to ensure stable signal transmission.
       Each RS485 remote control meter has its own meter communication address. The meter file on the software must be the same as the site's meter address. It transmits and receives signals through the RS485/232 converter to achieve the purpose of remote control.
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