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Water quality monitoring industry development prospects policy-driven market booming
Author:shandong Jinquan Meter Co., LtdTime:2018/6/29 9:44:08
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       China began to plan environmental monitoring, mainly in the field of atmospheric monitoring, compared with water quality monitoring later. With the national emphasis on environmental protection, water quality monitoring has developed rapidly in recent years, especially the introduction of water in April 2015, which has provided a strong driving force for the water quality monitoring market. The thirteenth five-year plan will be an era of vigorous development of the water quality monitoring market. .
       After entering the year 2016, all provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government have successively issued their own water ten articles, which have set requirements for the governance of the water environment and will surely promote the development of related industries in the water quality monitoring market.
       It is understood that among the 10 water issues that have been announced in various provinces and cities, Beijing and Jiangsu provinces require that an automatic online monitoring device be installed in the centralized sewage treatment facilities of industrial parks before the end of 2016, while other provinces and cities require centralized treatment of sewage in industrial parks before 2017. Installation of automatic on-line monitoring and control devices for facilities in Tianjin City, relatively late, and strive to reach the end of 2020, covering the city's total discharge of 95% of the company's total installed pollution source online monitoring system, which can be seen that the two years is the source of pollution water quality monitoring Market outbreak period.
       In the aspect of surface water quality monitoring, there is also a clear target for water quality in all regions. In 2017, most provinces and cities require that the quality ratio of drinking water source quality be kept at 100%, and the water quality monitoring data should be disclosed to the public every quarter; the water quality of surface water environment should be up to 80%. Above; the black and odor water bodies are controlled within 10%, and the surface water quality monitoring market will also be hot.
       The promulgation of the “Water 10” attracts many environmental monitoring companies to enter the water quality monitoring market, advance the layout and seize the opportunity. It is reported that in the middle of December 2015, China Concentration Technology, a leading environmental monitoring company, won the bid for the 14.88 million cross-border water quality monitoring system project and provided 12 projects for water quality automatic station equipment. In addition, third-party testing agencies have also actively entered the water quality monitoring market. According to media reports, Lanzhou, Gansu Province, invests RMB 1.32 million each year to introduce third-party institutions to test drinking water quality. With the promulgation of the provincial water ten, the water quality testing market will become more active.
       Forward-looking Industry Research Institute believes that in the context of environmental protection “13th Five-Year Plan” and the policy background of emissions trading and environmental taxes, water quality monitoring indicators will develop from single-indicator monitoring to multi-indicators, multi-dimensional levels, indicators in the future. The limits and monitoring scope will be more stringent, and the space for water quality monitoring will also grow.
       Water Quality Monitoring Industry Market Forecast
       According to the “Analysis Report on the Development Prospects and Investment Opportunities of the Water Quality Monitoring Industry” published by the Prospect Industry Research Institute, in 2016, the entire water quality monitoring market in China reached 5.4 billion yuan. In the future, the growth rate of China's water quality monitoring market capacity will be more than 20%. Prospective industry analysts predict that by 2022, China's water quality monitoring market is expected to reach 18 billion yuan.
       Industry investment recommendations
       The sound development of the water quality monitoring industry must be combined with China's national conditions, under the macroeconomic and policy background, and under the management conditions with restraint mechanisms, in the direction of effective competition. The development trend of China's water quality monitoring industry has the following points: 1) The number of monitoring items increases, and monitoring instruments are gradually diversified and diversified; 2) The water quality monitoring and operation market is intelligent, market-oriented, and standardized; 3) The supervision system of the monitoring industry is gradually improved.
       Combined with the current problems in China's water quality monitoring industry, Forward-looking Industry Research Institute offers the following suggestions for the industry:
       Recommendation 1: Improve the ability of independent innovation
       Improving the ability of independent innovation of enterprises is the key to enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises. Enterprises must treat independent innovation as a strategic task. At present, China's water quality monitoring technology and equipment production level still lags behind the level of economic development and improvement of quality of life, and can not fully meet the requirements of the state to increase the intensity of environmental protection and investment in water quality monitoring technology and equipment. To this end, companies must continue to strengthen the construction of a contingent of qualified personnel, vigorously promote the integration of production, learning and research; strengthen the research and development capabilities, and constantly improve the level of technology and equipment; strive to implement brand strategy, and gradually open the sales network to achieve domestic brands to replace foreign brands.
       Recommendation 2: Rationally introduce and use foreign capital
       In recent years, foreign-funded enterprises have entered the water quality monitoring industry in China, which has weakened the competitive strength of local Chinese enterprises. Domestic enterprises should rationally introduce foreign capital and technology. Some products have high technical difficulty, long development cycle, and high investment risks. Domestic enterprises should rely on foreign forces. However, for mature products, full-scale joint ventures or acquisitions of key enterprises should be prudent, cherish their own brands, and maintain their own markets.
       Recommendation 3: Strengthen human resources management and reserve enterprise talents
       China's energy saving and environmental protection market has developed rapidly, but the training of relevant technical personnel has failed to keep up with the pace of development, and talents in energy saving and environmental protection are facing a considerable gap. According to conservative estimates by industry experts, there are currently about 500,000 talents in the environmental energy industry nationwide. However, currently there are only 70,000 employees engaged in related work in China, including more than 40,000 technical personnel. Most small and medium-sized water quality monitoring companies in China have a staff size of 50-100 people, of which no more than 20 technical personnel. These enterprises should vigorously reserve high-tech talent.

Title: Water Quality Monitoring Industry Development Prospects Policy Driven Markets
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